Cloud Application Development

The digital transformation of a business usually involves building native cloud apps, modernizing the legacy systems, building as-a-service business models, building IOT solutions and mobile applications. Applications must be architected differently for the cloud. It should take the full advantages of elasticity, scalability, cost and perfomance benifits offered by cloud. We specialize in building next generation applications with cloud principles, microservices, scalability and availability. So whether you are looking to move your existing applications to the cloud or access other applications over the cloud or architect a new cloud-based solution from scratch, we can design and build you a reliable, scalable and effective solution that can be easily adapted to suit your ever-changing needs.

We enables you to leverage the full potential of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to build cloud solutions which can transform your business into the digital era.

Cloud Consulting

How do you know which applications are to be hosted in the cloud? How do you know which cloud technology is the perfect fit to your needs? Appfabs offers Cloud Strategy and Consulting Services to help our clients accelerate their journey to the cloud, and reduce operational costs.

Our cloud consultants work with you to assess whether your applications are suitable for the cloud, select the right platforms, and define a cloud strategy and roadmap for transformation. We give strong recommendations to consider a cloud-first policy while designing and deploying web, mobile and desktop applications.

  • Cloud strategy and planning service
  • Cloud readiness assessment service
  • Cloud testing service
  • Cloud application architecture design service
  • Cloud security architecture and design service
  • Cloud application development/migration service

Cloud Native Applications

Cloud native apps exploits full advantage of cloud computing model. We adopts cloud-native principles and design patterns such as microservices, scalability and availability and fine tune each of these design decisions.

  • Twelve-factor Application Patterns; a pattern for building modern, scalable, maintainable software-as-a-service apps.
  • Highly resilient system designs with automation, built-in security, load balancing & fault tolerance.
  • DevOps with CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) for an agile development process.
Cloud Native Applications

Microservice Architecture

We architect resilient and easy to change micro services applications to enable scalability, agility and speed.

  • Highly available scalable lightweight micro services
  • Secure API gateways and REST APIs
  • Event driven and eventually consistent microservice oriented solutions
  • Polyglot persistence; Multiple data storage technologies
Microservice Architectur

Application Container based deployment

We help you to plan and strategise container based echo system to accelerate the process to build, ship and run cloud applications.

  • Configuration and management of application container infrastructure using tools like Docker, Mesos and Kubernetes
  • Containerizing applications and dependencies as light, secure, portable cloud deployment packages.
Application Container based deployment



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