Reduced cost and greater Returns on Investment

Greater coverage to ensure quality on multiplatform

Less time to market by distributed automation

Early stage defect detection by frequent automation tests


  1. Functional Test Automation

    We ensure regression of functional checks by interacting with user interfaces or HMIs of desktop, web and mobile based applications.

  2. API Test Automation

    We built API quality checks by interacting with interfaces or micro services developed in different protocols.

  3. Distributed Test automation

    We develop distributed test suites by interacting with collaborative application modules deployed in a distributed environment.

  4. Performance Test Automation

    We assist health tests by simulating real world load, stress, and volume conditions, gather results and generate performance bottleneck reports.

  5. Behaviour driven Test Automation

    We ensure quality checks by gluing plain language English requirements with downstream test codes, helps domain experts or business team can easily understand the testing flows behind the screen.

  6. Cross platform Test automation

    Our award winning frameworks ensure quality checks on multiple browsers, devices, makes, languages, OS platforms and architecture on private/public cloud platforms and simulated environments.

  7. Hybrid automation framework prototyping

    We guide to design automation frameworks prototyping and designing based on customer specific tools and requirements, which composed of concepts of data driven, object driven, keyword driven modular and picture driven automation concepts.

  8. Test Data Management Framework design

    Our experts helps to define test data management, data generation, data segregation and purging in a shared and non shared environments.

  9. Domain specific Testing Services

    We offers industrial automation standard compliances testing such as semi standards, IEC standards and various domain protocols.

  10. Special Testing Services

    We helps to define strategies in cloud, big data and analytics, gaming, ERP testing. Our experts helps application accessibility testing which ensure application usable for specially abled peoples.

  11. General Testing Services

    We support test environment designing, test planning, test specification designing, manual test execution, defect management and metrics reporting.

Collaborative Quality Automation Architecture

The most demanded Collaborative Quality Automation Architecture designed by Appfabs Quality labs.

Software Security Touchpoints


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