Appfabs Devops Solutions

Appfabs DevOps Solution is a custom built environment by bringing in automation and monitoring for continuously building, testing, releasing and maintaining applications. In our DevOps solution, we adopt industry standard tools, environments, leading practices, automation blueprints and cyber security integration. It can be used to increase the speed of adoption and release at any rate your business needs, as well as reduce the cost of your DevOps infrastructure.

Appfabs Quality Assurance Solutions

Appfabs provides a custom build Quality Solution for continuously testing, releasing and maintaining applications. This framework includes preconfigured tools, test environments, automation blueprints, leading practices and security features. This solution increases the speed of adoption and remarkably increases the rate of release at any level that your business needs.

Engagement Model

For any product in the market to succeed, quality is a primary factor, and considering both quality and customer demand, we are making right strategic partnership with customer where expectations of the delivery and outcome are clear from the beginning itself. Our engagement models are custom for each customer that can uniquely deliver right value to required environment. The formation of our quality solution can be a fully customized one or a full-fledged solution that we already proven in the market for a similar environment.

DevOps Assessment and Strategy Planning

Any mistake in implementing DevOps will cause more harm than benefit. The selection of each component in a DevOps solution depends lots of factors which starts from the Architecture of the product to the maintenance requirement of the system. So analyse the entire system requirement clearly, design, construct, automate and verify the DevOps solution for each project.

Customize and Deploy Appfabs Devops Solution

Each customer has their own project specific requirements; and a pre-build DevOps solution may not work in most cases. The selection criteria of tools and frameworks will be based on best suitable for their requirements. Sometime security requirements will be there for the customer, and we can integrate cyber security vulnerability testing tools in the DevOps pipeline, now the term DevOps changed to SecDevOps. The workflow can be adjusted based on performance, cost or any other parameter given by customer.

DevOps End-to-End Implementation

DevOps normally addresses mainly three stages: Development & Test, Release & Deploy, and Manage & Monitor. Appfabs has some custom made frameworks and configurations available for each stages to make this DevOps pipeline more efficient. Based on the requirements, Appfabs has the ability to Design and Implement the best suited DevOps or SecDevOps environment for the customer.