Secure, Protect and Guard your assets.

Every organization is unique and so are their security landscape. Crafting your defence system may become overwhelmingly complex without a right security partner. We helps organizations to stay safe from cyber attacks with our leading solutions and products.

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Embrace Agility with Quality Engineering.

Organizations are rapidly adopting digital transformation for their commercial success. With time to market getting shorter and shorter, Quality Assurance has started shifting left, towards the early stages of the SDLC. We assists organizations to establish a continuous production pipeline to reach the market faster and frequent.

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Stay secure with Beagle Security.

Beagle is an intelligent and holistic platform to make your applications hack-proof. The platform provides continuous and automated Penetration Testing (under human supervision) for organizations, so that they can always stay on top of the cyber threats.

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Latest News / Blogs

08 October 2018

c0c0n is an annual international cybersecurity, data privacy and hacking conference organised by the International public-private partnership led b...

22 October 2017

Log aggregation, visualization, monitoring and analysis of micro services in cloud using ELK Stack (Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana)

28 July 2016

Let’s Encrypt Certificate Authority (CA) provides free TLS/SSL certificates to enable encrypted HTTPS on web servers. This can be used to obtain a...

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