Are you ready for Google Chrome 68 Release with http as 'not secure'?

22 July 2018     Rejah Rehim

Http as not secure

This month (July 24, 2018) Google has again attempted to bump up the security on the internet by making marking all HTTP sites as “NOT SECURE”. Are you ready to accept the change?

Centralized Log Aggregation & Visualization using ELK Stack for Micro service Architecture with Spring Cloud for Centralized Configuration

22 October 2017     Prathapachandran V

ELK stack

Log aggregation, visualization, monitoring and analysis of micro services in cloud using ELK Stack (Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana)

Fix MySQL Error : GROUP BY incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by in OSX

15 December 2016     Rejah Rehim

When you upgrade your MySQL server version to 5.7.5 or later and any of your queries include GROUP BY clause. Then you will get an error cased by the update to MySQL 5.7.5 or later as below

Configuring SSL on Jenkins using Let's Encrypt and NGINX reverse proxy!

28 July 2016     Rejah Rehim

Jenkins with SSL

Let’s Encrypt Certificate Authority (CA) provides free TLS/SSL certificates to enable encrypted HTTPS on web servers. This can be used to obtain a free SSL certificate, which can be installed manually on our Jenkins installation.